Welcome to KS Consultants

Since 1996 K & S Consultants have been providing professional assistance with Organisational Development, Human Resources and Industrial Relations needs in the Southern Cape region. Based on the quality of their services they have become the preferred consulting partners of both large companies and smaller locally based clients, and their ethos has always been that of professional service delivery that is both client focussed and relationship orientated.

Because their established clients were in need of a professional recruitment and selection service, K & S Recruitment was established. Our aim is to build a relationship with our clients and to focus on understanding our clients’ strategy, culture and management style. We strive to be thoroughly ethical and honest and not to waste clients’ time by sending the wrong applicants. If we cannot find the right person for the job spec we will say so. An important factor is that we include in our Terms & Conditions an offer to draw up an employment contract in accordance with the BCEA and EEA and, if you need further advice, there is an experienced and professional team standing by to assist you.


K & S Management & Human Resources Consultants are able to offer you the following:

Industrial relations:

Negotiation & Recognition Agreement
Policy & Procedure
Conflict Resolution
Training & Consultation

Remuneration Management:

Strategic Remuneration Planning
Incentive Schemes
Payroll Planning & Design (VIP)
Benefit Schemes
Retirement Planning


Staff Audits
Advertising & Intreviewing
Reference Checking & Short Listing
Placement & Follow-up
Labour Law:

Discipline & Hearings

Personnel management:

Employment Planning
Personnel Policy & Systems
Employment Contracts

Training & Development:

Assessment of Organisational Needs
Development & Customisation of Tarining Programmes
Presentation of Training Courses & Development
Team Building Programmes
Organisational Development:
  1. Strategic Planning

    1.1. Goal Setting
    1.2. Structural Analysis
    1.3. Future Planning
    1.4. Organisational Structure & Staffing
  2. Management

    2.1. Management audit
    2.2. Orientation
    2.3. Training & development
    2.4. Team Building

K & S Management & Human Resources Consultants, therefore, aim to provide professional services  underwritten by labour law expertise to cater for your Organisational Development (OD), Industrial Relations (IR) and Human Resources (HR) needs. We have extensive hands-on experience in the management and specialised HR fields backed by contemporary qualifications, state of the art systems and advanced techniques.

Simple philosophies, shared commitment and utter professionalism are factors that drive our success. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you where and when needed.